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Solar Energy - Equipment and Systems

Solar Energy Systems

Equipment and Systems

Innovative solutions through alternative energy sources

These sustainable energy sources are more profitable for the consumer and far less damaging for the environment than the traditional methods of energy production.

With our products and solutions your electricity bill will decrease in the long term, allowing you to save money. Solar energy is clean, sustainable and profitable. We supply water heating solar systems, including the entire electric and plumbing work. We offer photovoltaic solar panels which had a popularity boom over the last years. This technology directly converts light into electricity.

We also offer a range of other products, including underfloor heating, rainwater harvesting, heat pumps, ovens and wood pallets boilers and gasification boilers.

Solar System 300 K - SolaHart

Solar System 300 K
The solar system "Solahart 302k" is composed by two solar collectors (selective) a 300 litres deposit, ideal for a family between 4 and 6 members

Solar System 182 K - SolaHart

Solar System 182 K
The solar system "SolaHart 182k" is composed by a solar collector (selective) a 180 litre deposit, ideal for up to 3 people